How it all started.

Born as “BeardySnaps” in 2017, Turn 7 Media became the new name when a few trips over east made us realise that “BeardySnaps” just wasn’t understood.

Turn 7 was picked as a nod to our main racetrack, Wanneroo Raceway (currently known as CARCO.com.au Raceway).

Who we are.

We are an Australian Media Production house with our main client base situated in the Australian Motorsport scene. Many of our team members and trusted contractors all come from an Australian motorsport background wether it be as a passionate fan, a driver, mechanic or other.

We don’t do just motorsport. We have clients ranging from energy drink companies, employment consultants and more. 

The Team.

David Frost


John Hunigan

Co Founder

William Kidney

Web Developer

Maria Azalea

Graphic Designer

Gilbert Schanz

UI/UX Designer

Monica Thorne


Our Clients - Past and Present.